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Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods

Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods

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The focus is on nutrient-dense foods that give your body the nourishment it needs to thrive and will have you feeling lighter, brighter, more energised, clean and clear! Not only does it help your skin glow, but it also boosts energy levels, improves digestion and gets rid of a few unwanted kilos too.

The bundle includes:

⭑ 1 Full-Size Golden Mellow Mix

Turmeric* (India), Ashwagandha* (India), Ginger* (India), Cinnamon* (India), Lucuma (Peru) and Pepper (India)

⭑ 1 Full-Size Forever Beautiful Mix

Chia Seeds* (Bolivia), Acai* (Brazil), Maqui* (Brazil), Acerola* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru) and Blueberry* (Finland)

⭑ 1 Full-Size Skinny Protein Mix

Hemp protein* (Romania), Pea protein* (Spain), Moringa* (Tanzania), Spirulina* (France) and Alfalfa* (Germany)

⭑ 1 Full-Size Super Green Mix

Wheatgrass* (Germany), Barley grass* (Germany), Moringa* (Tanzania), Baobab* (Senegal), Spirulina* (France) and Chlorella powder* (Germany). *certified organic

⭑ FREE 5-Day Detox Plan Recipe Paperback Book



Giving Back


Precooked flours* (98.4%) rice*, millet*, buckwheat*, marine algae (lithothamnium calcareum), spirulina*, Madagascar vanilla extract* (0.005%), thiamine (vitamin B1).

*certified organic. Possible traces of almond and hazelnut


Bottle Feeding:

• From 6-8 months: 2 scoops with 240ml of breast/follow-on milk

• From 8 months: 3 scoops with 300ml of breast/follow-on milk.

Spoon Feeding:

• From 6-8 months: 5 scoops with 210ml of breast/follow-on milk.

• From 8 months: 6 scoops with 240ml of breast/follow-on milk.

Important Notice

Strictly follow all steps for preparing the bottle feed. Bottles should be made fresh for each feed, do not keep leftovers.

As with all baby foods and formulas, please seek advice from a doctor, midwife, dietician or other qualified healthcare professionals before introducing the product into your baby's diet.


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