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Moon Balance

This product has really worked for me, I can feel the changes in my mood already. Not stressed as before and no craving for snacks. Highly recommended.

Power matcha

Really good product, i am using it as a coffee replacement. Love it.

Good quality

Baby loves vegan baby formula best one

Excellent service, fast delivery, efficient.

I was a bit apprehensive about ordering as I had never heard of the company. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Super fast delivery, securely packaged. I will always order my moon balance from Jadon now. Thanks for service.

Fantastic product

Lovely new addition to my daily routine

I have been feeling run down for weeks so have decided to re add superfoods to my diet. Jadon had this on offer and I had read many good reviews. I feel better in general having many tweaks to my diet, exercise and sleep, so difficult to tell how much difference this is making hormonally.

Plant base formula

You are the angel of vegan babies/ toddler!! It is fantastic to have vegan formula, but the product has to mix it with plant based milk otherwise will taste a bit of bitter if it using water to mix it . The powder is Quick and easy to mix . So far it’s positive, I will keep order it .

Great product

Quality and great taste. I feel the difference

So pleased with this vegan/ plant base formula - My baby Girl loves it

Vegan parents must have!!

My baby boy was used to have Soya formula before we have bought Bebe but due to industrial problems there weren't any products available, so I have been searching for Vegan formula and Bebe was the only option i could find, so I have given it a try.... and it was a right decision my baby loved it, he took it straight away with no fuss. I know some review had problem with power wasn't dissolved properly but if you put the powder first then following with hot water it will help. We would definitely recommend this formala to any parents who want to raising your baby as a Vegan.
Also love how the company was processed my order very quickly, a delivery was free and fast with a tracking, and a thank you card was so lovely. I will definitely buy the products from Jadon again!! Well done to your team. 👏👏👏

Follow on formula

I was really struggling to find plant based formula in the UK and was so please I came across Jadon who shipped me cross Bébé rice formula. I thought I was going to have to translate the packaging from French to English, however I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived with English instructions. Jadon's service was quick and arrived in eco friendly packaging which I was really pleased to see. I 100% recommend purchasing from Jadon and will be doing so myself again very soon.

Would be great if you worked on the taste and price

Love supporting small businesses, Especially supporting what you guys are doing as we are a vegan family. However my son unfortunately hated the taste of the milk and refused it completely, it is very bland and almost bitter so I’m not surprised he refused it, the price is extortionate too, I only purchased due to the sma soy recall but sadly won’t be purchasing again.

Fabulous product

Thank you for making the only vegan baby formula that I can find. After nestles Sma wysoy being recalled due to contamination, I learnt that their formula contains sheep's wool so is not vegan. I understand that you are a small company and therefor your product is a little pricey but hopefully the price will decrease once you have more custom. Veganism is only going to become more and more popular. And my baby loves the taste!

Excellent service

Item arrived promptly. Product is great! Great service.

Baby likes it

Our baby does drink this formula but it’s difficult to dissolve into the water. It takes quite some time to get the lumps out. Also I do believe it's too expensive.

sadly not what expected

I was so happy to find a product that is vegan and palm oil free for my baby. Unfortunately the product wasn't what I expected. I found it remained very lumpy even when shaken vigorously and was very bitter in taste. I offered it to my little one who didn't take any more than a sip. I decided next time to use fortified oat milk instead of water to mix it with which improved the texture and taste massively. My little one still refused. I understand why this product is the price that it is and there is nothing else on the market like it. I am so grateful that there is a company working on creating plant based goods for little ones. I do think that it would be very beneficial to offer smaller tester packs so that people can try the product out first. If my baby enjoyed this product I would have no issue paying the price for it. What I am upset about is the waste of money and the waste of product.
Please can you provide sample packets for people to try in the future so that this doesn't happen to anyone else!
Kind regards,


I love the company, the products are great! And the personalised cards are a lovely touch along with the extra free gift. I 100% recommend

Super green

No nasty tastes and feeling full of energy, will be purchasing again for sure

Great service

Brilliant service, products arrived quickly and packaged really nicely. There was a lovely handwritten note addressed to me personally which I thought was a really nice touch making it much more personal and a lovely free gift too! Thank you I will definitely shop with you again.

Your Super Blends

Great blends with speedy delivery.

Best ingredients of all formulas

Cleanest ingredients with cold pressed oils.

Love this!

Makes a really nice hot choc especially if you mix it with plant collagen!

Bébé M Rice Proteins 2 formula

Recieved my order on Sat
28/2/2021. I found that no review made mention of the taste of this formula, so I assumed it will taste good. Unfortunately, it has a really bitter taste (I'm I the only one that tasted it before giving it their baby?) my son refused it.
Just wanted to reduce breasting feeding and didn't want to use cow or soya based formula. Took me ages to find an alternative.

After following instructions for feeding, the milk takes long to dissolve when mixed in with water and still left small granules once made up. I've resulted to using it in his breakfast cereal as it would be a shame to throw away after spending so much on it :(

Hi Mann, thank you for your feedback. We're genuinely really sorry to hear your son did not accept the formula. The bitterness and small granules (residue) of the formula is completely normal and expected with all hydrolysed formulas. To keep the formula healthy, rather than adding sugars/corn syrup, Bébé M use plant-based ingredients like sweet almond oil to create a more pleasant taste. Initially, it can take some time for your baby to fully adapt to the formula, most do within a few days, though we know every baby is different. Information regarding this is included in the product's FAQs. We will follow up with a personal email to you to help you where we can. Thanks again for your comments.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!

My little one has an allergy to cows milk protein so finding the Bebe M formula has been great for us. She's taken really well to this formula which has been such a relief as its allowed me now to stop breastfeeding at 8 months (phew) and she's really happy on it. Fantastic product, I'm really glad I found it, thank you Jadon's for stocking fab products like this with huge environmental positives too.
I've ordered numerous times from Jadon's. Each and every time their service has been exceptional, I can't fault them at all. Bravo!

Clean ingredients

Subtle matcha taste.



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