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JADON (pronounced "jay-den") means "roots" in Hindi.

We are a young WOC-run company, aiming to share ethical and supreme-quality plant-based products that are as unique as you.


Our Founding Story

In 2020 I began struggling with eczema, having tried many different treatments and creams, nothing seemed to work. After much research, I decided to start making some dietary changes, including reducing dairy products, processed foods and incorporating more probiotics and anti-inflammatory foods to support my gut health. To my surprise, these changes made a big difference. My skin became less itchy and inflamed, and I was able to reduce my use of topicals. Whilst my eczema was not completely gone, I felt much better.

It was around this time, I learnt about how allergies among babies have been increasing over the years. Underwhelmed by the options available for sensitive tummies, we decided to find the best alternative out there, that's when we met and partnered with Bébé M!

Today, we have helped over thousand's of parents find a formula that meets the needs of their little one and will be continuing to expand our range.


jadon group


Our lotus logo symbolises how we work:

- Simplicity: 100% transparent supply chain

- Helping small brands grow 

- Encouraging healthy lifestyles and wellness


As a small team, we put a lot of care and love into our customer service and packaging your orders. We're committed from the very start, from sourcing products to shipping methods, and believe everyone deserves quality products at the best prices. Every bit of support we receive is incredibly warming and motivates us to go further. Thank you so much for visiting our website - we really hope you enjoy shopping with us!  


jadon group



As we grow, we aim to enhance our plant-based product range and include people from all backgrounds and abilities into our team. For more information, check us out on Global Market Global.

Jadon is certified organic by the Organic Farmers & Federation.

For wholesale enquiries or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@jadons.co.uk


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