Who we are

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JADON are importers and distributors of ethical, natural, organic and 100% plant-based health products.

Our mission is to share our knowledge on Ayurveda and health by curating products we love and use ourselves. Giving you innovative and quality brands from across the world.

Jadon means “roots” in Hindi. The heart of our company lies in supporting brands and retailers to blossom. Our lotus logo symbolises how we work:

-      Simplicity (100% transparent and honest)

-      Helping brands and retailers grow 

-      Promoting healthier lifestyles 


jadon group 


By providing the highest-quality plant-based products at the best prices, we want to simplify the process for transitioning to healthier lifestyles. 

That's why we are highly selective when it comes to choosing products. Every single ingredient of the products we curate are plant-based. With an extremely meticulous curation process, only a small percentage of the products we test are presented to our customers, and we ensure they are: 



Brands & Retailers


Since our launch, we’ve teamed with brands including, Your Superfoods, La Mandorle, Bébé M and Protein Plus.

We love working with suppliers from every corner of the world, even if they’ve just started the ball rolling. The ones making a difference by creating exciting and effective products are the ones we want to help expand and connect with retailers.

 By working with a handful of suppliers, we can devote our time to the individual needs of the supplier and retailer. Our tailored services and relationships go hand-in-hand to offer highly competitive trade prices.


jadon group


As we grow, we aim to enhance our range and eco-conscious distribution methods and include people from all backgrounds and abilities into our team. For more information, check us out on Global Market Global.

Jadon Group are certified organic by the Organic Farmers & Federation.



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