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A family business that began its journey in 1989 as the first organic almond milk producer in France. 

Dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free innovations continues to be at the heart of La Mandorle's innovations as the team heavily invests care and specialist knowledge into solutions that position you at the centre of your health. Your wellbeing leads their innovations.

We chose to partner with La Mandorle due to their love and dedication in inventing supreme plant-based products that do not compromise on taste and essential nutrients. (Like their ready-to-drink almond milk which contains more calcium than cow’s milk*!)

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La Mandorle Almond Farm


Patented Process

With the support of the French Ministry of Research, La Mandorle has developed a patent for their innovation in composition, formulation, process, digestive tolerance and above all nutritional answers.


La Mandorle patented process


1. Rigorous Fruits Selection Harvested in the heart of Mediterranean region, La Mandorle’s almonds come from ancient varieties and are grown within a protected ecosystem.

2. Gentle Cold Pressing Almonds are cold-pressed to extract the oil. Defatted almond flour is obtained which contains high concentrations of protein and minerals.

3. A Special Mix of Ingredients This fat-reduced almond flour is then enriched with acacia fibre - a natural prebiotic.

4. Patented Process This unique process means the sensitive nutrients of almonds are protected. Compared to the traditional spray-drying process used by other almond milk producers that harms the almond’s nutritional qualities.


La Mandorle has extended its product range to include their award-winning Protein+ and Bébé M. 


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Bébé M: 1st organic plant-based infant range

Yes. That’s right. The first 100% plant-based, organic and vegan baby formula and cereal range. Based on organic rice protein hydrolysates, Bébé M was developed by a team of childcare nutritionists with over 30 years of experience. Available for 0 to 3-year olds, made in France and dairy, gluten, soy, and palm oil-free. 

Available now at Jadon and soon at selected independent UK health stores and pharmacies. Find out more about the Bébé M revolution here.


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A new, award-winning plant-based protein range offering up to a whopping 25g of 100% plant-based protein per 100g. Made up of 80%, this protein powder guarantees the intake of a complete protein thanks to inclusion of all essential amino acids through the use of simply 4 plant proteins. Perfect for vegans! 


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