Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
your superfoods starter pick with chocolate lover, energy bomb, power matcha, skinny protein, muscle power, forever beautiful, super green
your superfoods super green smoothie in mason jar
your superfoods super green organic and ethical ingredients, barley grass, baobab, spirulina, moringa, chlorella and wheatgrass
your superfoods forever beautiful smoothie in mason jars, recipe with dragon fruit, kiwi and pomegranate
Your Superfoods forever beautiful ingredients including chia seeds, acai, maqui, maca, acerola and blueberry
Your Superfoods skinny protein smoothies in mason jars, green smoothie with blueberry and blackberry on marble
Your Superfoods skinny protein organic ingredients including, moringa, spirulina, alfalfa, pea protein and hemp protein
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods
Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods

Detox Bundle - Your Superfoods

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The bundle includes:

⭑ 1 Full-Size Mellow Yellow Mix (24.90)

turmeric* (India), ashwagandha* (India), ginger* (India), cinnamon* (India), lucuma (Peru) and pepper (India). 

⭑ 1 Full-Size Forever Beautiful Mix (£21.00)

chia seeds* (Bolivia), acai* (Brazil), maqui* (Brazil), acerola* (Brazil), maca* (Peru) and blueberry powder* (Finland)

⭑ 1 Full-Size Skinny Protein Mix (£26.40)

hemp protein* (Romania), pea protein* (Spain), moringa* (Tanzania), spirulina* (France) and alfalfa powder* (Germany)

⭑ 1 Full-Size Super Green Mix (£21.00)

wheatgrass* (Germany), barley grass* (Germany), moringa* (Tanzania), baobab* (Senegal), spirulina* (France) and chlorella powder* (Germany) *certified organic

⭑ 1 Starter Pack (£21.00) - perfect after the detox

all 7 superfood mix sachets

⭑ A digital copy of 5-Day Detox Plan (eBook) with recipes (£26.00)

⭑ Personal support and access to exclusive members group (£90.00)

    That's a £230.30 value! But we've discounted it so you pay just £98.00 + free delivery


     What is it?

    The focus is on nutrient-dense foods that give your body the nourishment it needs to thrive and will have you feeling lighter, brighter, more energised, clean and clear! This plan not only helps your skin glow, it boosts energy levels, improves digestion and gets rid of a few unwanted kilos too.

    The Detox Bundle is a simple, fast and easy way to detox and cleanse without having to haul around a hundred heavy juices. Because unlike no-eating cleanses  and unhealthy 'slimming' teas that leave you hungry, Your Super's 5-day Detox Plan is created by orthomolecular nutritionists to help you reset, refresh and lose a few unwanted kilos.


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