multi protein 25 - 100% plant-based with hemp, almond, rice and pea protein. 25g of protein
la mandorle protein quartet vegan protein 25g
Multi-Protein 25 - Protein Plus
la mandorle plant protein plus with hemp, almonds, pea and rice. eu certified organic. high protein content

Multi-Protein 25 - Protein Plus

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Award-winning Multi-Protein 25 

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An expertly blended plant-based protein mix completely free of flavourings, sugar, bulking agents and any other nasties. With 80% protein, Multi-Protein 25 is an intense protein-rich formula that provides all 9 essential amino acids to form a complete protein. Simply 4 effective proteins that provides you with an incredible 25g of protein per serving. 

All nutrients from the plants are extracted using a unique patented cold process to ensure all nutrients are preserved giving effective results.

 Includes FREE shaker bottle!

100% plant based


Ingredients: 100% vegetable protein: Rice*, Peas*, Defatted Almonds*, Hemp*. 

*certified organic (possible traces of hazelnuts)

Flavour: unflavoured, neutral taste

Use:  6 scoops (32g) in shakes, pancakes or meals. Scoop included. Can be taken as an intensive 7-day treatment or as a daily supplement. Suitable for post-workout. 

Weight: 230g = 7 servings (1 serving = 50% of AR** )

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 Good to know: 

rice protein
Slows the absorption rate of high-carb meals, which reduces insulin spikes and provides stable blood sugar levels.

hemp protein
Contains BCCAs which stimulates muscle grow and speeds up post-workout recovery. High in omega-3, omega-6, fibre & iron.

pea protein
  Aids weight loss and supports heart health. Contains all 9  essential amino acids and BCCAs, vital for muscle growth.

almond protein
Known for their alkalising properties and richness in calcium. Contains essential amino acids, vital for muscular metabolism.



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