Our Go-To For Reducing Excess Internal Body Heat


soaked raisins in water


During the winter season, Áyurveda suggests to avoid Váyu-increasing foods and cold drinks. Rather it's better to eat more steamed meals, massage the body with oil, and wear layers to keep the body warm. 

However, for some, excess internal body heat can still prevail during this season and become overwhelming. Especially in the current climate, staying indoors for most of the day with the central heating on can make the air even drier, impacting our skin, hair and overall health. It's important to keep windows open for a few minutes and hydrate yourself with warm-room temperature water.

After all, Áyurveda is centered around taking control of one’s health. It inspires self-worth and self-empowerment. Take clues from your body, like skin, bowel movements, mood and even your tongue! So don't force something, like continuously eating warm foods in the winter when you can tell your body heat is too high.


Signs of too much pitta (heat) in the body:

- acid reflux

- itchy skin and scalp

- indigestion

- anger, frustration

- nausea or discomfort


Before diving into remedies, Áyurvedic principles start with learning the root cause. First try helping your body remove toxins (ama) to remove excess heat the body.  Some methods include reducing spicy, fried foods, alcohol and caffeine. Also try experimenting with digestive spices such as turmeric and coriander, fennel and cumin (you can also try CCF tea - water infused with crushed coriander seeds, fennel and cumin!) 

This little concoction is our favourite way to reduce body heat:

Before going bed, soak about 5-8 raisins and fennel seeds (can add dried figs too) in a glass of water overnight. We drink this on an empty stomach in the morning. Soaked raisins and fennel seeds helps with cooling the body, blood flow and acidity. An age-old remedy! It tastes refreshing and has a mild, pleasant sweetness. Make sure to chew the raisins and fennel. We feel the cooling effect minutes after drinking this.

Give it a go if excess body heat is something you experience daily and let us know how it goes!


Jadon Team xo

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